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Jan 26, 2023

It’s easy to see wolf management in two buckets: full protection under the Endangered Species Act or unregulated wolf hunting. But successful management of established wildlife populations is most often somewhere in the middle, with hunting used both as a tool and a conservation funding mechanism.

Join Alex and Jared as they explore hunting as a management tool and take a look at how the North American model of wildlife conservation allows species to fund their own conservation and management. Plus, they’ll take a look at how Wyoming’s unique approach to managing wolves has helped increase acceptance and reduce conflicts.

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The North American model of wildlife conservation: Wildlife for everyone – by Brent Lawrence with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Wyoming wolf trophy game management area map, and more info on Wyoming wolf hunting from the Wyoming Game & Fish Department

Hunters aren’t the worst threat to wolves’ survival, by David Mech for Minnesota Public Radio in 2009

Aldo Leopold’s classic essay from A Sand County Almanac, Thinking Like a Mountain

Our opening wolf hunt audio came from this YouTube video by Stuck N the Rut. Viewer discretion is advised.