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Feb 28, 2024

In this episode we talk with Dr. Mark McConnell, Assistant Professor of Upland Birds at Mississippi State, about wildlife conservation in agricultural landscapes and his research into creating win-win solutions for wildlife and agricultural producers. We cover a variety of topics in this episode from reacting to Adam’s new mustache, Mark’s use of memes to help wildlife student engage with farmers, and using precision conservation to delivery economically targeted conservation. 

Themes in the episode: meeting farmer where they are, building your conservation team, economics and Precision Agricultural/Conservation. Targeted Conservation Delivery, Economically Targeted Conservation, Wildlife-Friendly Farming

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Research & Resources discussed in the episode

Research on who farmers trust when making decisions about agricultural practices -

Personal outreach to landowners is vital to conservation program success (article about Lutter et al 2018 paper).

Bridging the gap between conservation delivery and economics with precision agriculture (McConnell 2021) -

Economically targeting conservation practices to optimize conservation and net revenue using precision agriculture tools (Meng et al. 2022) -

Farming and the fate of nature (Green et al. 2005) -

Wildlife-friendly farming benefits rare birds, bees and plants (Pywell et al. 2012) -

Crop Advisors as Conservation Intermediaries (Eanes et al. 2019) -

Creating Environmentally Resilient Agriculture Landscapes Using Precision Agriculture Technology: An Economic Perspective (McConnell 2019) -

CRP Menu Tool -